OMNI and IBM PureSystems

OMNI is Ready for IBM PureSystems
OMNI is among the first application providers to be certified on IBM's new family of expert integrated systems.

"[IBM PureSystems] will enable our Enterprise customers to rationalise their current array of computer technology into a single environment thereby reducing the administration overheads significantly.

As the requirements of their technical landscapes changes with time, the [IBM PureSystems] environment can be tweaked to make optimal use of the resources they already own - the perfect scalable solution.

The time and cost required for the deployment of the OMNI solution will be drastically reduced, thereby reducing the costs of undertaking new business. When every dollar counts, this makes us more competitive."

- Simon Spratt, CEO, Omni Solutions          

OMNI Group Health
Administration System

  • Total solution on one system including billing and claims processing
  • Share the information - and the workload
  • Self service on line
  • Integrated cloud-based package solution
  • Flexible, scalable and fully configurable
  • Automated rule-based claims adjudication
  • IBM validated and accredited health insurance provider
  • Expert implementation advice on hand